From Concept to Complete
Indie Game Development with C# & XNA

Written by Dan Violet Sagmiller.
Pre-Release Version 3

This books is broken into 5 sections, Game Design, Team Management, Programming, Game Development and Release. Its designed particularly for Highschool Students, but is usable by any age. As this is a Web Release, I'm very open to updates for any mistakes, and regularly releasing updates. If you find any, please post a request to fix it on the Contact Page. Additionally, a Teachers guide is in progress now, with plans to be released early in the summer of 2014.

Download the Full Book now
Download the Source Code
Download the Content (images used in the game)
(Folder #'s relate to the code figures in the book.)

Additional Notes:

I have been teaching courses on game development at colleges for years. Both kids and adults have really enjoyed my classes. I've reviewed dozens of XNA books and even more C# books, but never really found any that I wanted to use in my classes. So I was always producing my own training guides to send home. This book is based on smaller courses, and materials based on what had the best results.

I finished this book right before Microsoft disbanded XNA, and was really upset when they did it. :( But I moved on to Unity 3D, and haven't really looked back. Until, that is, the beginning of September when Dr. T. started a class on XNA with Coursera that had over 22,000 students, in September of 2013. I joined it for fun initially, but quickly started to realize the XNA is not a dead language. Thanks to MonoGame, XNA has been kept alive and kicking. (or if your into gardening games, "planting" :)

With Coursera being free training, I figured I would wipe off the digital dust and release the book and all its source code for free.



The content was posted early to test it out, and get community reviews.

Now that many of the reviews are in, there will be some significant changes, including: New Art (cover, comics, game), audio (background music, sound effects), more coverage on the Game Design Section, editing (as in text corrections/formats), multiple books (currently a 5 in 1), multple formats (pdf, mobi, epub) and improvements/chapters from other professionals in their respective fields.

Unlike most books on programming or game development, this doesn't just tell you how to do something. This is the story of a team. You follow them from start to finish. You see the challenges they face and learn how they came to their decisions. Its better than a book of answers. It is a book of solutions.

The game executables are in the source download, in the project folder under bin/debug. If you just want to play the game, you will probably need to get XNA on your machine. For Windows XP/Vista/7, download and run this.

C# express 2010 is typically needed for running the game, and can be downloaded here.

if you have a different configuration, as this can also be run in Windows 8, Linux, Mac and other systems, you will need to check out MonoGame installation instructions for your particular environment.